October 1, 2012

Yujun Kim

Kicking off October with my relatively new kerker find, Yujun. 

Minjoon has been telling me about him since last year but we never got to meet, until around 3 months ago.

No lies, Yujun has tv-ready idol looks (what with his Japanese and Korean mix) and a rockin' body (see below).

Instaxed Yujun in his apartment in Manila after dressing him up in a very me outfit haha.

P.S. Watch out for Yujun's first and very kabog fashion editorial coming out this month in Sparkling. ;)

September 28, 2012

Georgia Schulze

For our Southern Living August fashion ish, we had the forever young Georgia Schulze as our cover girl. I had her wear kaloca beautiful pieces from Vania Romoff and accessories from Forever 21.

I absolutely love how the Instax shots came out. I covered the flash with my pinky since I wanted the full effect of the light peeping from the blinds.

Here's the gatefold cover (kudos to our editor Dianne for fighting for it haha):

Kelly Misa

Bride-to-be hottie Kelly Misa graced our Northern Living cover for the month of August, decked out in dresses from Joel Escober and accessories from Firma. Much love for SoFA for letting us shoot in their diva classrooms.

Check out Noli's fashion ish cover:

Won Ik + Min Joon

Ending my blog-posting hiatus with this shot of Won Ik and Min Joon. This was taken last June (wow) during Do's birthday partayy at their ancestral house's basketball court. This was also when my kerker models first met each other.

August 3, 2012

Bright Young Manila!

Hello, August! And with that, I can finally post these photos whilst shouting: I be Bright Young Maniluhh, bitches!

Every year, Chalk Magazine rounds up people for their BYM feature. Imagine my reaction when Elaine, their managing editor, blurted out that they chose me to be part of their annual list. I almost spat out my samgyeupsal (we were having Korean dinner at Donday). Mmm Donday.

Fast forward to the kaloca fun shoot at SoFA Design Institute (Hi Mads, Maina, AJ, and Mika!) and ta-da, I am Bright Young Manila! Haha I will never tire of saying that line.

This year, the BYM people were shot with a legend of their industry. For our group, the icon is Rajo Laurel. He was so funny and excited when I Instaxed him and Martin. He even held the leaf I was carrying around (it matched the prints on my pants).

Robbie was messing around with my Instax camera and took this. We took some more group photos after the shoot.

Hello there, fellow Fash Pack-ers! From left to right: Dani Barretto, Miki Hahn, me, Martin Yambao, Rajo Laurel, Robbie Becroft, and Vania Romoff. I think Chino was having his interview outside.

I immediately called Miki Hahn when I found out she was part of BYM to ask what she was going to wear. Floral bottoms ftw! We didn't plan it though haha.

Instaxed model/blogger Robbie Becroft again as we waited for our turn to get prettified by the make-up artists. I love how our photographer, Cholo dela Vega's flash lit up, adding to the vintage-y feel of the shot.

So there, thanks so much Chalk Magazine! Halavya.

Don't forget to get your August issue of Chalk Magazine! It also happens to be their 12th Annversary ish! Cover shot by mah bitch, Roy Macam!

Say it with me: I am Bright. I am Young. I am... Manilaaa! Haha

P.S. If you're wondering why the photos look different than usual, it's because I scanned these in our office scanner instead of photographing it.

P.P.S. I also styled the theater folk BYM with Lea Salonga. More on that later. :)

July 31, 2012

Mika Puyat

One of my fave Puyats, Mika working her Yvonne Quisimbing dress at Bibai and AG's wedding reception in Baguio.

When I first met Mika after Rain's concert (was it 2 years ago?), I thought she was a cold and mataray ate of Vic. Turned out, she was just a shy, little dongsaeng (little sister/brother). Haha so sorry and lavya!

P.S. Sorry if it's a tad washed out! ;)

A Model A Day: Mark McMahon

An off-duty Mark McMahon during last season's PFW.